tiistai 17. toukokuuta 2016

My paradise and green lace dress

Funny, sometimes it take so long to realize simple things. Like for me: I live in my paradise. I do. When I moved from city to here, I felt that I could breath. Here is so much different greens ans trees.. As I look from window, I truly can see only green and that makes me so calm.

 It´s still quite early, and that cherry tree ain´t white, but when it gets her white veil..it´s so pretty! Next to her (yes, it´s her) is red apple tree...red and white colors in green. I love that, when I come home from somewhere...welcome home!!

I bought this red apple tree,when my dad passed away, 4 years ago. It´s in his honer there...And growing up so fast! Gonna be big tree one day.

There´s so much, that I want to share but that would take so much time and pictures. So, I put here some of my..not favorite, cause there´s so many places of those..but places, where we are hanging most in summer. Coffee, dinners etc...

Our back terrace. It´s not ready yet, I just put those curtains. It´s too cold to put flowers or my spices there, still have to wait for a while. But anyway...I love to sit in that sofa and just relax. I can hear only birds, not cars. That´s so peaceful for me! When I lived in city, under my kitchen window was a bus stop... that noise! 

Me, my man, dogs, cats, birds and coffee...

Our swimming pool ;). Just put that too. There´s going to be flowers around and so much more. Yes, still kind of cold for that (+10c) but now it´s ready. After sauna..awesome thing to do! Let the heat come!

I have found my paradise, what´s yours? We all have different paradise, that is right for us :)

Then, that green lace. I know, that this color is more in in next fall, but I  just love it so. I bought it last year, have wear only once in one fashion show in Winter. Now it´s getting too big and I kind of am fighting to make it work on me. I dont want to give up on that..maybe I need to take that dress to dressmakers, they know what to do!

We are going for some serious shopping here, and my spirit is still high here. There will be no pictures after :D

Coffee to go...of course

I just love that back here... I try to keep it with belt..Yep, need to save this dress. 
That color is so delicious! In fall with warm red...orange...yep!
Hope  you like it too! :)


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