torstai 12. toukokuuta 2016

Summer girl

Wow, again sun!!! Yesterday was so cold...and in Weekend there could be rain, that match in month rain.. so, time to enjoy this sun- time!

I do admire people, who are personal dressed. Who uses both imagination and fun as dressing up.
I execute that fun- part now ;D

Today I let loose of my inner hippie.. there it has been so long, hiding. I did have fun and yes, feeling good with this outfit.

Fun fun!!!

Now....I used sports bra have to show my stomach the first time of...well...atleast 6years. And my man just called so technology just met 70´s.

Good in under that dress.

Loose day, hippie feeling. 

Be bold! :)

Have fun.


And yes...all from H&M..

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Vastarannan kiiski muodin maailmassa (ja asu, johon rakastuin)

Olen mietiskellyt, että miksi suhtaudun niin oudosti kaikkeen trendijuttuihin, neuvoihin lehdissä, korosta ja piilota- juttuihin, näin näytä...