maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2016

Rock´n roll

When one needs to go one event, where´s rocking involved...This woman needs to release her inner wild child! Actually, I found these trousers and skirt from my closet.. :)

Long time, since I have used those! Trousers are from Leatherheaven, the ultimate attitude- shop. I think that I need to go there more..

Skirt is from Tombstone, but there´s similar in Leather heaven. To get a more relaxed look with those trousers, big one colored sweater is great! I wanted that (almost) hard core look..well, without high heels it´s not, but close enough. With those sandals was just so nice to walk and stand..

I do talk with my hands..

After all that hard work and being in partyyyyyy...

Small tip: you need blusher to mach your lipstick? Put little of that lipstick ti cheeks, too..

We went to lake..

Such a clear water...

Enjoy your day,


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